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The NewLights Press is now offering subscriptions through Kickstarter's Drip platform. That means that you can pay a small monthly amount and receive a certain number of NewLights publications throughout the year. The subscription tiers are very reasonable: 3, 5, 10, or 25 dollars/month (international subscriptions cost a bit more).

Follow this link to our Drip page and subscribe:

It really is the best way to support the NewLights press!


These subscriptions are the best way for NewLights to adhere to two core principles—

Affordability: Books and prints, made in multiple, are a special kind of public art—they can be owned and read by many people, but can still be experienced in the intimate space of the home. In order for that public aspect to be successful, people need to be able to afford the work. The NewLights Press is committed to producing and publishing artwork that is ambitious and rigorous in concept and construction, but that is also—whenever possible—priced so that most people can buy and live with it. A predictable, monthly income and set number of publications that already have homes will help us plan and manage costs and pricing effectively.

Experiment and Play: Experimentation in, through, and with the process of production of our various projects is central to how the NewLights Press works. It’s important that we respond to what a piece needs and let it develop. The Drip subscriptions will allow NewLights to produce work in a more sustainable way while still keeping an open-ended and experimental approach to projects.